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Trio of Mini Woofins
Trio of Mini Woofins
Trio of Mini Woofins

Trio of Mini Woofins

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These scrumptious mini woofins are exclusively baked for dogs, containing natural ingredients as a treat. They are perfect for celebrations and afternoon tea parties so your dogs can join in too. 

Made of a low fat, light and fluffy sponge mix with dog bones. The bite size trio are packed in a plastic pod to keep them fresh. 

They come in two varieties iced or uniced topping to meet your dogs taste buds.

At Bertie & Bella's we believe our pets to be very much part of the family and enjoy their companionship. These wonderful and adventurous treats are pawlicious for your pampered pooch.  

Feed in moderation, Complementary pet food for dogs

Not Suitable in Dogs under 3 months of age

These foods are designed to be only a part of the diet and they do not meet the known nutritional requirements when fed alone. Some complementary foods are referred to as treats and can be fed to your dog in moderation.  

 Fresh water must be available at all times.

This product is DEFRA approved. Once opened keep in a sealed container and consume within 10 days.