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Billy + Margot Beef Liver Bites 60g

Billy + Margot Beef Liver Bites 60g

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Billy + Margot Beef Liver Bites for dogs are made from 100% air dried British Beef. The delicious Beef Liver Bites, are a high quality, health conscious product with no added hormones or preservatives, making them a super treat and reward for your dog.

Rich in B Vitamins for digestion, skin & nervous system and packed with natural enzymes for hormone regulation. They also contain Omega 3 Fats for skin, joints & cellular health and are a highly nutritious form of protein for building strength healthy teeth, bones and skin.


100% Beef Liver,
Per 100g of product

Moisture 20.3%, Protein 50.6%, Fat 10.1%, Crude fibres 6.9%, Inorganic matters 3.8%

Do Not Feed To Puppies Under the Age of 14 Weeks

Complementary pet food for dogs

These foods are designed to be only a part of the diet and they do not meet the known nutritional requirements when fed alone. Some complementary foods are referred to as treats and can be fed to your dog in moderation. 

Fresh drinking water should always be available for your dog.